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John Hutchinson
Welfare Manager
Parramatta Eels

“Joseph has presented to the NRL team and also our junior elite squad.

The first occasion was to work with our elite juniors and deliver a program of etiquette training, and more importantly, how to present themselves in a more professional manner. The session helped our players recognise some general etiquette rules and to present confidently.

The second occasion was a networking skills seminar for our NRL players. During the course of their playing careers our athletes come into contact with a lot of corporate partners. The session was designed to help them understand some business etiquette rules and how to build a relationship with corporate partners. The session was also designed to help them recognise and take advantage of opportunities that occur as a result of that relationship.

The feedback from the players has been very positive – surprising when you consider the normal stereotyping associated with Rugby League players.

In both instances I have found Joseph’s sessions to be relevant and professional in their delivery and would not hesitate in recommending his company to anyone who was interested.”

Kurt Newman
Managing Director
Sales Consultants

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about how to dress professionally in a business environment. In hindsight the books I had studied and magazines I had read on the subject were mostly too generic and not appropriate for my work environment.

Dealing with senior management and sales professionals, it is vital to create the right first impression. In the competitive corporate world I believe having the right image is comparable to good branding.

When I met Joseph I asked him to objectively critique my dress and appearance. I was impressed by his articulate manner, depth of knowledge and practical suggestions. As I was in the market for a new car at the time he even suggested the brand and model vehicle to complement the overall image.

In my opinion Joseph Alegre would be one of the most competent image consultants in Australia and I have no hesitation in recommending his services particularly for those in the business sector.”

Frank Webb
Business Coach
Action International

“I have employed Joseph as a Style Consultant.

He made me very aware of what style is and how to put colours together. This gave me the confidence to know that when I’m in front of people speaking, I present well and more importantly, my dress is congruent with my message.

I thoroughly recommend Joseph’s services to anyone. I only wish I could have done this work with him years ago.”

Tom Kneen
Head of Distribution
Advance Funds Management

“Joseph’s image presentation was entertaining and valuable, but what really captured my attention were the effective methods he used to convey his message. He was also flexible in his approach, able to tailor the advice to the particular interests of the people present. My staff regularly comments on how valuable the experience was.”

Wendy Foster
North Sydney Chamber of Commerce

“Joseph made a presentation at a Chamber of Commerce members' breakfast. The presentation covered a lot more ground than was expected. His training certainly goes a lot deeper than just providing fashion tips!

After the presentation Joseph’s top ten tips for smartening up your business image were included on our website, and his article received more hits than any other such story on our site, ever!”

David Cleary
Executive Manager
Commonwealth Bank

“During my short time with Joseph, I found him to be a well presented and professional individual with an engaging style.”

Bernie Rorke
Business Coach
Action International

“Joseph’s expertise in the area of presenting a professional image and his understanding of life skills in general has grown my image and confidence in my own ability.
As a business coach I need to perform consistently at the highest levels to achieve my dreams and goals and those of my clients. His coaching and mentoring has enabled me to already achieve goals and set me well on the path of achieving the potential I desire.”

Guy Saayman
Adviser Service Manager
Advance Asset Management

“Joseph presented to our Sales Team as part of our annual conference. His presentation was humorous as well as raising some interesting issues regarding personal grooming and presentation.

One comment made was regarding “outlandish” ties. This made a few people squirm, including myself. I have always been proud of my distasteful collection of ties.

The presentation was professional whilst maintaining humility. Joseph was also aware of people’s feelings and was selective in the language used.

I would not hesitate in recommending Joseph and his team. The concepts introduced are tangible and pertinent. The fundamentals teach you to be aware of your client base and considerate of how you carry yourself. First impressions are hard to change.”